What an amazing, crazy, busy, happy and sad week this has been.   It is hard to believe how much we have packed into just one week.  The big event was clearly the launch of our new website, built on the Nova Theme by Elegant Themes. It is clean, sleek, smart and feels like us.  The transition went better then we expected, and we even had time for a celebration when it was all over.

We also said some goodbyes this week. First to our intern Melissa who returns to school to continue working on her Masters degree. We also said goodbye to a  long time client who is growing and needs things we don’t do. We wish them well, and are excited for their growth, but it is always tough to say goodbye.

And finally amid all the chaos,  we finished two complex design projects.  What a nice feeling sending it was sending those pieces to print. So that is what we were up to.  If you had a busy week too, and haven’t had a chance to drop by, here is what you missed.


New Website Part Five: Input – The last stage of our design process was to turn to people we respected for one last look.  Their advice was an important part of our design process.  Here is what we learned.


Saying No to Yes – Sometimes you have to say No.  It is never easy, especially when it is to a good client. In this blog post, Allison talks about why it is important to hold your ground sometimes, to preserve your sanity and maintain a balance in the relationship with you client.


Why Should You Care?  Because They Do! The goal of any business is to turn random strangers into raging fans. Creating brand evangelists doesn’t just aid customer retention, it bolsters your referral marketing.   In this post, Jay talks about creating fans for your business.


Great Business: More than a Great Idea – Maybe you have a great idea for a business.  Transforming that idea into a functioning business will take more then just the idea.  Your business plan needs to consider all aspects of running the business.


The End is Really Just the Beginning – Our intern Melissa’s last post as part of the Roundpeg team.


Roundpeg Refresh 2011…Dream Team Effort – As a web design company, we need to be ahead of the curve, not behind it. We are all about reinvention, and today we launched our new, redesigned website.

More than a Few Words – The Mom Bloggers – There is an huge  community of educated and influential women who have chosen to stay home with their young kids. Unlike previous generations, these women are not willing to disconnect from the business world.  They use social media and blogs to stay connected.