As we work on revising our website and updating our logo we have spent time revisiting every element of our brand.  Today, I want to talk about our color choices.

After we decided not to change the basic design of our logo, we turned our attention to color.  Was it time to give up the blue and teal?  Could Roundpeg be another color?  The truth?  We almost were.   The designer who created the Roundpeg logo gave me a range of color choices and combinations, and purple and lime green was his favorite.

green and purpleBright and lively, it was a sharp contrast to the stodgy corporate environment I was rebelling against as I launched this new business.  It was perfect except for one thing: I didn’t like the green.  I didn’t care that it was a hot new color, destined to become one of the top three on the internet, I didn’t like it.  And so I choose the now familiar teal and blue.

After all these years, I am tired of teal and blue, and blue and teal, but I remember the lessons of my marketing professors.  Just about the time, you are sick of hearing an ad or seeing a design, your customers and prospects are finally beginning to notice.  So the blue and teal remain.

We have adjusted the shades slightly over the years, switching to a more muted version to give the logo a more polished, mature look.  The subtle difference is only noticeable if the two versions are side by side in print.  But we did want to freshen the look of the site, and color is great way to do that.  We have added shades of red and brown (compliments of our teal and blue) for accent and contrast.   We are also using black and grey sparingly on action buttons.  The dark backgrounds seem to jump off the page.

Curious about how all this will look when we put it together?  You will need to come back on July 28th, when we launch the new site.


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