One of the benefits of building a website on the WordPress platform, is the ease with which you can change the theme, without any loss of content. It is the perfect web design platform for Roundpeg, because every few years, our business shifts, and as it does, I want a fresh look for the site.  I want to be able to show off what we do, so our clients can envision what we will do for them.

The current design, created by Jay, when he was an intern, is almost two years old.  It uses the Corporate Theme by StudioPress as a foundation.  Fresh and cutting edge two years ago, our website was beginning to look out of date, so we began searching for a new theme.  We wanted a look which would help us stand apart from other Indianapolis web design companies.

To begin the process we looked at websites of marketing firms like Roundpeg  around the country. Our search helped us identify several style elements we wanted to incorporate in our new site.

  • Smaller logo:  This was consistent across the country.  We have moved from large banners about the company to a focus on what the company does.
  • Clean design:  We have always liked white space, but the freshest designs have even more white space so you can focus on the most important elements.
  • Interesting team profiles:   Best in class marketing firm websites had “about the team” sections which were interesting and fun.  With more then “just the facts” We think the team at Roundpeg is interesting and fun too, and wanted a page which really reflected who we are.
  • Innovative portfolios:  The simple Next Gen Gallery plug in we had used two years ago, was one of the best we could find … at the time. But it is clearly behind the times, we needed some new.
I was surprised it didn’t take very long to find exactly what we wanted.   The first time I saw the Nova Theme by Elegant Themes, I knew I had found just what I had been looking for.  It had the simple, clean feel, great gallery and a tab structure which would allow us to share a lot of information, without making any page feel cluttered.
How did it turn out?   You will have to come back on July 31st to find out.
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