Indianapolis Business Plan

Maybe you have a great idea for a business.  Transforming that idea into a functioning business will take more then just the idea.  Your business plan needs to consider all aspects of running the business.

In an article on Startup Professionals Musings I found a great list.  The author said every business needed to include the following into their business:

  • A Plan to manage your financials and physical assets.
  • A business plan.
  • Product development process.
  • Funding process.
  • A plan to manage human resources.
  • A plan to leverage information technology.
  • Process for billing and revenue collection.
  • Guidelines for customer service and support.
  • One thing I think he left off the list is some consideration of critical risks.  It is about hoping for the best, and planning for the worst.  Does the business survive the loss of a key employee or emergence of a new competitor.  If will have a better shot if there is a plan in place.