We have been collecting data in our annual Small Business Social Media Survey for a few weeks.   I will be sharing the full report at BlogIndiana later this summer, but thought my readers would enjoy a preview of what we are learning.

Small Business Social Media Survey Results

The big change compared to a year ago is a dramatic increase in the amount of time small business owners are spending on social media.  Our preliminary results from our social media survey seem to indicate business owners, both men and women are spending more time on social media daily.  ( Men spending even more then women).  This is a dramatic shift from just one year ago when we did our first study.  Read more: And business owners are reporting more success actually generating leads and sales form social media.

What advice do these social media enthusiasts have for others just beginning  their social media journey?  Here is a sampling of their responses. They don’t all agree.

  • Use social media for all it is worth.  At no cost or low cost, it is great exposure for those of us on limited budgets.  You just never know who you will find and who will find you on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Always remember what Social Media are…social.  To use them solely as broadcast media is not using these channels as they are meant to be used.  One needs to earn the right to promote by contributing ideas, sharing other’s content, conversing, learning and investing time and energy. Only then will the community-at-large be accepting of promotion.  When this social capital has been built, others will be happy to help share your content.
  • Never, ever, ever, give up.
  • Show the real you! Don’t hide behind your logo 🙂
  • Social Media is not a “thing” it’s part of your regular marketing effort, it should be as natural as email.
  • Have a professional do your Social Media
  • Hire someone who can educate you, get social media tools up and running that align with your brand.

What would you add to this list?  Post your comment here, or if you haven’t responded, please take a few minutes and complete the survey. If you are reading this from your phone  here is a link to the mobile version: