Your sign is like a business card. It tells everyone a lot about your business without saying a word. That’s why we were so excited to update Companion Animal Medical Center’s sign to give it some much-needed flair.

The original sign at Companion Animal Medical Center (CAMC) was done in neutral colors which blended in with the building and the natural environment. It blended in so well that drivers overlooked it as they cruised past. So when CAMC decided to extend its hours to become a 24-hour emergency hospital, it was a great opportunity to add some pop to the design scheme.

I’d recently updated their color scheme to be more in line with CAMC’s high-class but still fun and whimsical image. The greens, blues, and oranges really make the sign stand out against the beige and stone of the building. The dog and cat make it very clear who CAMC is and what they do.Untitled 61

Besides the visual revamp, we also added the phone number and website to the sign. This way, potential customers don’t need to go inside to get that information. Finally, we added the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) logo to the sign. Being designated an AAHA facility is a huge deal in the veterinary world, and we wanted to make sure everyone knew that CAMC is the best in the business.

This was a fun project, in that it tested our small business graphic design skills.   We think the bright, fun sign will make CAMC more visible to potential customers driving along busy Rangeline Road and bring new customers in the door.