by Taylor Brough

“Take it as a blessing or take it as a test; whatever happens, happens for the best.”

How do you start a farewell blog post? Three years ago, when I interviewed fresh out of college for the graphic design position at Roundpeg, I was so scared. I didn’t have any idea what the real world was all about, but as soon as I walked through these doors, I knew that this was the place where I was going to start my career.

Roundpeg has been my dream job for three years. But my dream life isn’t in Indiana. If I could move Roundpeg to Florida or California, I would do it in a minute. But I can’t, and when the opportunity came to spend six months training in Florida followed by a full-time marketing design job in Long Beach, California, I had to do it.

I can’t express how great my boss Lorraine has been. I see her as a boss, but also as a friend, a mentor, and even at times as a mother figure. I have learned so much from her about how to run a business to tips to make my designs really shine, and how to deal with difficult car dealerships on the phone. But don’t worry, I know that she’s only a phone call away when I need her New York attitude.

The other thing I’ll miss about Roundpeg are my team mates. On good days, on bad days, I always knew that Jay, Allison, Sharayah, Rebecca, and our crew of interns were there for me. On Mondays, I tend to come in a little tired, a little quiet (okay, a little hungover too), but the jokes and teasing from the team always eventually made me wake up, laugh, and turn out some of my best work.

Pulling into the parking lot and coming into our creative, energetic little house is so hard for me to leave, but I know it’s ultimately for the best. As Lorraine said to me when I told her I was leaving, “I can’t wait to see where you are three years from now. We will miss you like crazy…and no matter how talented the next designer is, he or she will never be you, and Roundpeg will never be quite the same…We just won’t have that TBreezy touch.”

Keep in touch–I’d still love to hear from you. I’ll still get emails if you send them to my Roundpeg account, or you can find me on Twitter or Facebook.

I’ll miss you all.