Hello, my name is Scott Pfeiffer.  I will be a sophomore at Bradley University which is located in Peoria, Illinois.  I am majoring in Interactive Media with a minor in graphic design.  For those of you who don’t know, Interactive Media is the creation of graphics, video, audio, text and animation for usage on websites.  This appeals to me because it allows me to be creative.  A minor in Graphic Design will assist my creativity and enhance skills related to designing.

While my school work  keeps me busy, I can usually find some free time to participate in activities that I love doing.  A big part of my free time consists of playing Ultimate at my school.  Although the team is not the best, it is always fun to play.  I also joined a social fraternity and my schoolwork combined with these two hobbies keeps me busy.

There are two different paths that one can take over a summer break.  The first path is the path of relaxation.  This might consist of several vacations and a leisurely summer.  The other path is a bit more strenuous.  I call it the path of preparation.  This involves preparing for the future.  By taking summer classes or working a part or full time job, students can get ahead.  Working during summer doesn’t appeal to everyone but for me so far it has been the right thing.  After my sophomore year of high school I got a job working at a grocery store and have worked there every summer since.  In addition to making some money I have received something far more valuable: real work experience.  While dealing with irate customers was and is never fun, it has taught me a lot.  Something really important when dealing with customers is a professional appearance.  Perhaps one of the most important things that I have learned from this job is the importance of being professional.  Professionalism is an image that every business should have or strive to attain.

I decided to accept this internship in order to continue on the second path.  Working at Roundpeg will give me work experience in a new field, one that I have a future in.  Also, I will be learning things here that I can apply to school and my classes.  It is always useful to be a step ahead and this summer I will be taking steps forward from both a business and academic perspective.

While my summer will likely be very busy, I look at it as a challenge.  Working two jobs while staying in good physical condition and socializing with my friends are all things that take up time in my summer schedule.  Although it might sound hectic, having a full schedule keeps me busy and makes time fly.