From time to time, software companies send me links, trials and tools to test.   One of the companies I have enjoyed working with is Wordstream.   They have just launched a new Keyword Research Kit. It’s a completely free download that includes a lot of great content related to keyword research:

  • A guide to analyzing keyword competition, with contributions from industry thought leaders like Aaron Wall, Rand Fishkin, Michael Gray, and 32 other search experts
  • Two white papers on keyword research, one on keyword grouping and one on keyword research for social media
  • A Keyword Cheat Sheet (a quick refresher document on keyword research best practices, tools, and myths)
  • A Keyword Monitoring Worksheet (a pre-formatted spreadsheet to help you calculate opportunities from a traffic, rankings, and conversion perspective)
  • You can find the kit here:
  • We created this to coincide with the launch of our new Keyword Research Suite, which is priced affordably for SMBs. You can take a free test-drive of the Keyword Research Suite here:

If you have a minute please take a look and let us know what you think!

More Info:

WordStream Inc., which provides PPC management software and services and free keyword tools, just announced the release of a new, comprehensive keyword research suite for marketers at small and medium-sized businesses.
The Keyword Research Suite (KRS) bundles a set of tools to help marketers find, organize, and act on keywords for use in organic search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and other marketing initiatives. These tools include:

Keyword Suggestion Tool – Get extensive keyword suggestions relevant to a seed term. Keyword Niche Finder – This value-added tool returns your suggestions pre-grouped into targeted clusters of related keywords, making them easier to implement in marketing campaigns. Keyword Grouper – If you already have a list of keywords (say, from your web analytics), you can drop it into the Keyword Grouper to have them automatically organized into tightly related groups.

These tools leverage WordStream’s industry-leading keyword database – which contains over 1 trillion unique search queries and is frequently updated to include new terms from multiple sources – and proprietary grouping algorithms, making for exceptionally thorough and accurate keyword research.
There are also several upgrade options:

The Extreme Long-Tail Edition – Get 25% more long-tail keywords, especially valuable for affiliate marketers or SMBs in highly competitive industries.The SEO Upgrade – Get the SEO Content Creation plug-in for bloggers and other writers, a tool that helps ensure your pages are properly keyword-optimized, as well as an exclusive monthly newsletter with tips and strategies for getting more out of SEO. The PPC Upgrade – Get the Negative Keyword Tool for proactively finding irrelevant key words that could trigger your ads and waste your budget, plus the PPC edition of the subscriber-only newsletter.

Key benefits of the Keyword Research Suite include:

Smart, fast, easy-to-use tools for keyword discovery and organization. Deeper access to WordStream’s industry-leading trillion-keyword database. The competitive advantage of exclusive keyword data available only to customers. More relevant, actionable data than similar offerings. Full export capabilities, allowing results to be leveraged for landing pages, Google AdWords and other uses

WordStream is still offering free keyword tools, but this is a more robust offering for serious players who want unlimited access and deeper, more competitive data.
You can test-drive all the tools in the KRS here, or go here to buy.