One of the things most people notice right away when they visit Roundpeg is the presence of our four legged staff members.  Bonnie and Clyde are an integral part of our daily routine. They welcome our clients,  make us laugh, and keep us on our toes.

And recently, we made an addition to the Roundpeg family.Her name is Maybee. She is a small torte who loves to share Allison’s breakfast, and sample her diet coke.

So  this week Roundpeg Radio is dedicated to Bonnie, Clyde, Maybee, and animals everywhere.  Send us your favorite animal song from : Who Let the Dogs Out to How Much is that Puppy in the Window, an we will add it to our play list.

Drop us a tweet @roundpegradio or post your recommendation here. Remember the play list will be up all week, so you can hear your favorites over and over again.

NOTE: The widget takes a minute to load, and you’ll have to refresh to see the new songs. Make sure your speakers are on!

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