One of my personal goals this year is to increase the amount of new business I bring to Roundpeg. I know that my chances of success grow the more I set  solid, achievable goals. I didn’t want to just “give it a shot” and hope for the best. Luckily, I have a plan. To accomplish my goals, I’m going to use…a cookbook.

Now this might sound a little odd at first, but hear me out. In order to make good food, it helps if you follow a recipe, which outlines the ingredients and the steps to prepare the dish.  If you follow the recipe and use the right ingredients, you increase the chances you’ll get what you expect. I see business success in the same way. By following a “recipe” (make this many calls a day, schedule this many appointments a week, etc.) I don’t have to focus solely on the results.  Just like in the kitchen, the results will come. I just HAVE to stick to the recipe.

I’m using a “cookbook” and documenting my progress for another reason: accountability. In our business, things move at breakneck speed. With a constantly changing environment, it’s easy to let sales and marketing efforts fall by the wayside. Having a cookbook sitting right on top of my desk forces me to hold myself accountable for meeting my goals every day.

I’m using a cookbook to meet my goals in 2011. What are you using?

And if you missed my seminar with Nick Carter last week, here is just a taste of what you could have learned. Hope you will join me next time.