Over the years I have read a lot of brochures and websites.  While I am not the best copywriter, I know content is engaging and interesting to a reader when it is focused on them! I was reminded of this when I read a post on ProBlogger  – 7 Powerful Ways to Get Your Blog Post Noticed

The post contained simple, practical suggestions which applied equally well to off-line content, like brochures and direct mail.  For example:

  • Focus on Solving Problems
  • One Idea Per Post
  • Excellent Packaging
  • Down to Earth Practicality
  • Careful Research
  • Rapport
  • And my favorite, focus on You instead of I

One way to figure out if your focus is correct:  Read your content with two pens in hand, one red, one blue.  As you read, circle all first person references in red, and second person in blue.

  • 1st person references:  I, use We, our company, even “our clients”
  • 2nd person references: You, your, ,your business,

When you are done, look at the page.  If you see more red circles then blue, go back and rewrite from the reader’s perspective.  The result will be more compelling, more interesting, more effective content.  Remember, people don’t buy from you because they are impressed with you, they buy from you, because they believe you can solve their problem