Today’s guest author is lifestyle photographer Amy Latka. I asked her to share some tips on using photos as part of your social media strategy.

I have found that using social media marketing to help market my business is the way to go – specifically, tagging photos of my clients.  I believe that regardless of your business type, you can utilize image tagging to create and expand your relationships, and ultimately, your business.  Once you have great images, tagging your clients in them can be a very powerful, yet subtle way to market your business to new clients.

Why tag clients on your website images?

Anytime someone enters search terms, search engines will also pull up image results that are related to that search term.  If the images on your business website are appropriately tagged for content, they should show up in search results. For example, if “John Doe” is in a picture on your website and you have him tagged, then whenever someone searches for John Doe, that image from your website should come up in the image search results.  This is just a simple way to leverage the web in exposing more people to your business.


Be social with your images!
Uploading images and tagging your clients in Facebook is a great way to subtly share your business with your clients’ friends. Follow these simple tips:

a)      Choose flattering and relevant images of your clients from business or social events you host or attend together.

b)      Create a photo album on your business facebook page titled with the event name.

c)      Load your photos into the album.

d)     Tag the images of the people in the photos.

By tagging photos, your photo will automatically show up on the facebook page of that person you tagged for all of theirfriends to see.  More importantly, it shows up with a link back to your business page, which quietly exposes all of their friends to your business.


Amy 0995 tourfactory 1Amy Latka is a professional lifestyle photographer based in Indianapolis, IN.  She specializes in weddings, engaged couples, and equine portraits.

Amy also has a background in web design and social media management for non-profit organizations and is a self-proclaimed facebook addict.  Visit her photography website at