Social media and the internet in general are changing many aspects of marketing, including PR. In a recent post, Aimee Sway shares some tips on the difference between traditional and online press releases. She creates a compelling argument for moving away from traditional formats because the content won’t be optimized for search. She doesn’t provide a structure, but does share some good tips for formating your release including:

“Use Anecdotes – Since you no longer must stick to the ‘news story’ structure of traditional press releases, feel free to spice up the content with funny anecdotes or useful case studies.

Case studies are one of my favorite marketing tools.  They provide a great way to show off what you can do without bragging, telling your story in your clients words.

Amiee continues: “Everyone loves a good story and if you can spark the emotions of your readers, they will be more likely to read the entire release.”

Case studies also give potential clients a chance to visualize what you might be able to do for them.  They are particularly effective with technical products and more credible then simple sales literature. As blog posts and submissions to media sites, they are a terrific way to tell your story.

How do you use case studies in your marketing?