One of the key elements in building a successful social media stew is deciding which media to throw in the pot, and how to season. Des Walsh, a consultant out of Australia,  has an interesting approach.  While is he is fairly open with his facebook friend requests, he only connects on LinkedIn with people he feels that he knows.

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In contrast, I treat LinkedIn like a giant networking event.  Since I share only professional information, and nothing personal, I consider a LinkedIn connection comparable to handing out my business card.  Facebook, to me,  is more personal. I don’t want everyone I meet to see pictures of my vacations, kids and office party.

Although I completely disagree with his approach, and I told so, I think having a strategy and following it is better then flying blind. What do you think?

By the way, my comment on his blog set of an interesting chain of events which ended with a Skype call, and a connection on LinkedIn

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