This is our final weekly wrap up of 2010.  We hope you have found our blog posts both informative and entertaining.  There will be much more to come in 2011.  In the meantime, we at Roundpeg wish you a Happy and Successful New Year!

Saturday – Social Media – Is it Time to Unplug?

With all the hype about social media, it is easy to focus too much time, energy and money on something that doesn’t pay off.   Lorraine discusses an article from,  exploring the balance between having a social media presence and using one’s time effectively.

Sunday – Twitter Tips: Don’t Overuse the #Hashtag

Roundpeg been using Twitter for almost three years, and for the most part, we think we have the basics down pat. We’ve  learned to be funny, serious and thought provoking in 140 characters, or less, so the comment can be ReTweeted.  However, an article David Talbot wrote  for the Technology Review has made us consider our use of the #Hashtag.

Monday – The End of the Beginning: Jay’s Year-End Review

Roundpeg’s own Director of Marketing, Jay Mattingly, reflects on his first year as a business professional.

Tuesday – Moment of Clarity:  Social Media Stew

Is it new to you too? A newbie’s perspective on participating in Social Media Stew.

Wednesday – Everyone Needs a Good Secretary

Do you have a secretary? We don’t mean someone who will type and file for you, (though that as a small business owner is definitely worthwhile).  Do you have someone who understand your product and will share information with others?

Thursday – Indy Social Media Summit – A Word from the Nominees

Roundpeg will be well-represented at the Indiana Social Media Summit. Lorraine is nominated in the Most Influential Dame category, Jay, Allison and Taylor are all up for the Social Media Up and Comer award. Check out the fun videos interviews with master of ceremonies, and court Jester BGKahuna below, and we hope to see you at the Summit!