The holiday rush is now at full speed, and if you have kids, most likely today is the beginning of their winter break.  Taking time out to bone up on your marketing skills may have been challenging this week, so we will try to make it easy for you.  Check out the summary of our daily  blog posts below.

Saturday – RT Plz

Not sure about how to handle your increasing popularity on Twitter?  Allison explores the rules of thumb on Retweets.

Sunday – Streamling Logo Design

Creative. Innovative. Organized. Those can be three tough words to illustrate in one logo.

Monday – Foursquare:  Build It and Work It!

Today’s guest post is written by Andy Huston incudes some practical advice for small business owners considering the addition of Foursquare to their marketing efforts.

Tuesday – Listen and Translate Your Way to Success

In every organization there are managers and then there are leaders. Lorraine explores the differences between the two and comments on a recent post for SOB, Patty Azzarello.

Wednesday – 4 Ways to Attract Quality Young Professionals to Your Job Openings

Guest author Heather R. Huhman, provides tips on how to recruit the best young professionals to your organization.

Thursday – Podcast:  Measure What You Do

These days everyone is a social media expert.  Anyone who has a Facebook page, or a few fans on twitter is now peddling their expertise in social media. Small business owners run the risk of wasting a lot of money on social media, because they are not asking enough questions, or measuring the results.

In today’s podcast, Lorraine talks about some of the metrics you can use to determine if your social media activities are generating real results for your business.