Once you have mapped out your strategy, it’s time to get those leads pouring in. Your prospects will come to you ether because they have heard about you from someone they know ( referrals) or from some third party (public relations) or from you (advertising)

Marketing Organization Chart - Lead Generation


This is where any small busienss owner should focus the majority of lead generation activities. Why? Because prospects who come to you on the recommendation of another person are more likely to buy. How do you cultivate referrals? Spend time thinking about your core customer. Who else is selling to your client?   These are the people who will be most influential. So if you want referrals from them, you need to be sending referrals their way as well! In the world of social media, this entails sharing their content, re-tweeting and liking their comments. Building online relationships, the reciprocal behavior is likely to follow.

Public Relations

I almost always  recommend my clients invest in PR actives rather than advertising. PR creates a third party endorsement which will always have more credibility then anything you say about yourself. With the advent of so many online news sources, it is easy to share your story with a wide audience, generating credible external links to your site.


In the world of social media, broadcast messages are typically ignored. People are much more likely to pay attention to the suggestions of friends and people they respect, so spend your time cultivating relationships. Pay attention to people who have influence. Offer free trials and samples to these people in exchange for product reviews and testimonials. Just be sure you have a good product.

Update Aug. 15, 2012 Over time we have evolved the image.  Here is our latest version:

RP OrgChart2

For more information about how you can use a marketing org chart to help your small business, download our free mini-ebook. You’ll receive in-depth information on using this chart in your own small business to create a cohesive marketing strategy that brings in leads you can convert into real customers.

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