When I first addressed the topic of customer service as part of  marketing, some business owners I spoke with told me they did not consider this as part of their “marketing effort.” But it is! If you don’t take care of  your clients after the sale, you will not have many new sales. Social media offers you to chance to enhance  customer service by proactively looking for clients who are unhappy and reconnecting with those who are happy.


Marketing Organization Chart Customer ServiceConsider using social media to reward your clients and fans.  Offer coupons, discounts and special promotions for people who follow you on social media. Locally, Scotty’s Brewhouse offers all sorts of promotions if you simply check in on Foursquare and tweet a comment.


Your clients may share other things in common beyond the use of your services. Being the focal point which brings them together becomes an added benefit of doing business with you.  The software companies have known this for year, creating user groups where clients work together to learn, and improve the product. Create forums and discussions on your website, engage serious customers, giving them a chance to give you critical feedback.


Go back and reread the referral section of  the  Lead Generation post. Ask for the referral, testimonial or recommendation! If you have provided good service, it should be easy to do. Then share this content on your website, and other social forums.

August 15, 2012 Update: Over time we have evolved the image.  Here is our latest version:

RP OrgChart2

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