Everyone’s an expert at something. Maybe it’s how to fix a broken air conditioner. Maybe it’s how to design a safe and efficient airplane. Maybe it’s how to bake the perfect apple pie. At Roundpeg, people come to us because we’re experts at designing great websites for small businesses.

But sometimes, people decide they don’t like our advice. The graphics aren’t in their favorite colors. They think it needs more starbursts. The copy doesn’t “pop.” (Yes, these are all actual customer comments). We do our best to persuade them to take the course which is best for their business image, will increase their conversion rate, and SEO, but occasionally, we still wind up with a site that looks something like this comic from The Oatmeal.

This isn’t to say  as a small business owner you should blindly agree  all the time. If you genuinely feel  something is wrong for your business,  speak up.  We genuinely want  you to have the best possible product. But we will rarely do something arbitrarily, so listen to the explanation  of  why we feel that this course of action is better.

After all, we trust you when you’re telling us what needs to be done to our air conditioner, or why that perfect apple pie needs a dash of black pepper to make it sing. So let us help you with what we do best: representing your business with a great website.