I am off to Ft.  Smith Arkansas this morning,  leaving behind the team to hold down the fort. Before I head out to the airport, I collected this week’s summary in case you  missed any of our posts from the past week.  Here is a quick review: of what happened on Roundpeg

Saturday: Lessons From the Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles each brought different skills to the team, making them the ultimate crime fighting machine.  In today’s podcast, Jay and I talk about these fun characters and how their personality styles are actually very similar to the four styles of the DISC model.  Listen to the Podcast

Sunday: Twitter Lists Create Communities

When you first start using twitter, it is a bit like paint dry.  You follow a few people, and not much seems to happen.  Then you add a few more people to your follow list, and a few more, and a few more.  Suddenly your stream is zooming by with updates from hundreds of people,but you still don’t seem to get what all the fuss is about, because now you are following too many.  Read the rest here

Monday: Meet Jennifer Riley Simone

Surfing the web for companies on the cutting edge of small business development, social media, marketing and a fun atmosphere to boot, I came across Roundpeg. Poking around the services offered, the blog posts, the team photos, and Roundpeg Radio, I knew I needed to meet these people.

Monday: Half Baked Ideas are the Ingredients to Success

When I first started Roundpeg, I wanted to focus much of my efforts on teaching managers how to improve their results with a bit of creative thinking.  One of my favorite techniques was kicking off serious brainstorm sessions with something very silly. – See the Video Here

Tuesday: Let’s Put Indy on the Tech Map

Let’s put Indy on the map as a center of technology and entrepreneurism. Take the time to vote for StatsSqaured, and share the link with everyone you know. Voting closes at midnight on Wednesday. It takes only a few seconds of your time, but can make a huge impact.

Wednesday:  What I Learned at StartUp Weekend

Last weekend, most of the Roundpeg team participated in Indianapolis’s third Start-Up Weekend. The goal of the weekend was for teams tor go from concept to business launch within the 54 hour event.  At the end of the weekend, each team presented their new venture to a board of judges, with the winning team moving on to a global start-up competition. Read Jay’s lessons here

Thursday: SEO Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Small business owners who have invested $1,500 – $3,500 in their company websites are often frustrated when the site doesn’t instantly appear on page one of a Google search.  But this takes time.

Not all the great content this week was found on Roundpeg.biz.  Here are links to some of the other terrific posts I read this week

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