As you recover from your Thanksgiving Day overindulgence, and try to get caught up on all the things you missed this week, here is a summary of what happened here @roundpeg.  While we included our usual mix of marketing, social media, and ramblings, there was a definite theme as we explored Web Metrics and how small business owners can use the data to grow their business

Saturday – Comfy Chairs, Free WiFi and Smiling Security Guards – This is Flying

I flew out of Ft. Smith Arkansas yesterday. And while the rest of the country was complaining about new security standards, invasive procedures, and the hassles of long security lines, I had a lovely experience.

Sunday – Pitch vs Press Release by Allison Carter

Pitches and press releases are both ways of getting information to the press in the hopes the media will pick up your story.

Monday – Web Metrics: Using Data to Drive Action

These strategies are not just busy work, but part of an integrated approach to make you web sited the center-point of our overall marketing strategy.

Tuesday – Web Metrics: Traffic Measures

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there, does it make a sound? And if you build a website, and no one comes, do you really have a website?

Wednesday – Web Metrics: Traffic Sources

As small biz owners work to increase web traffic they must ask: Where does it  come from & Why?

Thursday – Web Metrics: Performance

You have effectively driven prospects to your small business site. Now what? Is your website an effective part of your overall marketing? Do you convert causal visitors to returning prospects and clients

Thursday Bonus:  I thought turkeys could fly!

Sometimes, an idea sounds really good, until you look at all the details.  One of my favorite examples is an demonstrated in an episode from the classic sitcom: WKRP in Cincinnati.