Our new intern, Jennifer brings a unique background to Roundpeg

Surfing the web for companies on the cutting edge of small business development, social media, marketing and a fun atmosphere to boot, I came across Roundpeg. Poking around the services offered, the blog posts, the team photos, and Roundpeg Radio, I knew I needed to meet these people.

For the past year plus, I have been working part-time with a small manufacturing company in Connecticut, helping them grow their web sales and niche marketing efforts, as well as creating a marketing plan that will guide their next five years of growth.  Helping the company’s owner follow her dream has been quite rewarding for me, and has  led me to discover my career path – small business development.  So here I am, at Roundpeg, looking to contribute to the dreams of other small business owners, while honing my skills in the social media, marketing and business development.

My résumé is unconventional to say the least, but there are some central themes – marketing, communications, public relations, and generally convincing people they want to do something they did not know they wanted to do.  Have you ever tried to get PTO moms to look at fund raising in a different way?  Talk about well-meaning yet entrenched parties; it is a task not taken by the faint of heart.  Have you ever let your frustrations with the workings of the world lead you to start what is essentially a political action committee?  Done well, you can achieve good things.  Done poorly, you will wash a lot of egg off your face.  I had a lot of fun with these and other projects during my time as stay-at-home, and am now thoroughly enjoying the traditional working world.

A bit more about me:  I am a graduate of the State University of New York at Geneseo with a B.S. in Management and Marketing, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a M. S. in Environmental Management (yes, I recycle everything I can, eat organic food, and am a long-time member of the Nature Conservancy). I am originally from upstate NY, and have since lived in Brooklyn, NY; Berkeley, CA; Simsbury, CT; Omaha, NE; and finally, Carmel, IN.  I love to travel, and have been all over Europe (Prague and Granada are my recent favorites), Mexico, Belize, lots of warm islands in the Caribbean, and Australia.  I love to cook, read, and attend the fabulous film festivals and other arts events in Indy.  I am an avid pilates practitioner, and a new-to-the-game runner.