We have been lucky the last few years.  As our business has grown we have the opportunity to be a little selective as we decide with whom to work.  Our clients become part of the family, dropping in for coffee, or a quick chat to keep us in the loop on changes in their business.

As a design firm the ongoing interaction allows us to stay on top of projects, and ahead of potential problems, so we haven’t had to deal with too many “nightmare clients”.   However, I thought there were some great tips in this article from Web Design Depot on how to deal with them if you do.

  • Offer alternatives, new solutions, and even a discount
  • Have your own public outlet prepared
  • Respond to blog posts, “rip-off” reports, and forum bashing carefully
  • Fire your problem clients
  • Don’t AstroTurf: make it clear who you are and why you’re defending yourself

How do you handle problem clients?