At Roundpeg, we are big fans of WordPress. 20101 It has allowed us to create a wide range of attractive and functional  websites for our small business clients.  In the past, we have built many of our custom templates using Artisteer, which made design almost as easy as point and click.   However, a new template 2010, which is part of the standard Wordprss 3.0 package is quickly becoming a favorite starting point for our designs.

Designed to be almost a blank canvas, we can switch from one, two or three column layouts with ease.  The text which sits above the masthead is ideal for new business owners who do not yet have a logo.  The banner graphic can be switched out with the touch of a button to create entirely different look and feels t0 the site.

Some other features of the 2010 theme:

  • The ease with which large sections of the site can be changed. Beyond simply changing a banner we can now include colored backgrounds and custom graphics behind the text.   In the past we have had to switch to the FTP interface to change these graphics.  Now we can make the changes through the admin screen, making the tools more accessible to developers and non technical types.
  • The addition of default footer widgets, which give users more places to supply relevant information or marketing material

As you can see from the two examples, ( and DeStressExpress) the theme handles graphics, video and text beautifully.  Of course it helps to have a skilled graphic designer like Taylor, Sharayah or Heather on staff to pull it all together.

Have you worked with 2010?  What is your favorite part of this new theme?