At Roundpeg we are on a path of continuous learning.  Maybe it is because Lorraine is a former teacher, or maybe it is because she has built a team of curious individuals.  Or maybe our emphasis on learning comes from a genuine desire to help our small business clients stay one step ahead of their competitors.  Regardless of why we do it, the result is a organization which is always asking why or how.

In recent weeks we have been talking about how restaurants interact with customers and build an army of loyal fans and brand advocates. It’s easy to flip on the television and see advertisements for McDonald’s and Burger King. Those companies spend BILLIONS of dollars on their advertising, offering huge incentives ( kids love happy meals) to bring in repeat customers.

With significantly smaller budgets, successful locally owned eateries look for creative and cost effective marketing strategies to build a buzz and fill their tables. While there is lots of hype around social media, it is not the only tool  So what is working?  We decided to conduct a short survey to find out.  So if you own or work for an independent restaurant, please take a minute, fill out our survey and we will share the results with you!