At Roundpeg, we’re entering an exciting new time. The company has grown beyond Lorraine banging out business plans at her dining room table. There are now four full-time employees, one part-timer, and several interns at any given time.

Instead of working  primarily with micro businesses, our sweet spot is now early stage-two companies grossing $250,000 to $2 million. We’ve learned a lot, and we offer more services with a higher price tag. It’s so exciting to be a part of a growing, vibrant company.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t growing pains.

One of our clients has worked with Lorraine from the early days of Roundpeg. He stuck with her through thick and thin, and saw Lorraine move from her dining room table to our offices on 106th Street. In return, Lorraine has never raised his rates and he has benefited tremendously as Roundpeg’s staff and expertise increased . Unfortunately, we no longer offer several of the services he needs, because they do not fit our model. Somewhere along the way this stopped being a good fit for either of us. We knew it, and he knew it. Something had to give. And in the end, this dear client dumped us.

It stung, but we know  this decision is best for both him and for us. He needs someone who can respond with same-day design service, and who can offer administrative and technical support. That’s just not us anymore. He wasn’t asking for anything he hadn’t received in the past, but as our business model changed, we just couldn’t offer him the same things.

With all sincerity, we wish him the best as he moves forward, and are proud to have played a role in his success. He’ll do well in the future.  We will miss him, and getting dumped still sucks.