On a regular basis I talk to small business owners about finding a niche.  Instead of trying to reach everyone equally well, small business owners will find more more success, but narrowing their focus, concentrating more of their efforts on a smaller group of more interested prospects.

The same advice makes sense when you are trying to optimize your website.  Michael Grey suggests instead of going after broad terms such as:

  • Hotels
  • Vacations
  • Travel Tips
  • Information

You should refine the terms, adding descriptors, for a narrower audience such as:

  • Disney World Hotel Reviews
  • Disney World Vacations
  • Disney World Travel Tips
  • Disney World Information

Instead of trying to compete with everyone for the most popular term, find phrases which are more relevant for your product, and dominate.

This advice is right in line with something I learned at BlogIndiana this year.   Search terms are getting longer and longer as savvy internet browsers learn the more specific their search term, the faster they will find what they are really looking for.   It is not unusual to see seven and eight word search strings, so don’t be afraid to niche your key words. Everyone won’t find you, but the people who want to, will!