Have you ever noticed how TV shows and movies use music in the background at  pivotal moments to drive home an emotion or idea.   The theme songs and sound tracks, when done well become more memorable then an individual episode.

In a way, Roundpeg Radio has become our sound track on Fridays, so this week we are looking for theme songs and back ground music.  From classic hits to obscure favorites, send us suggestions along with the name of the TV show or movie.

We’ll start off at 10 am with some music from some old classics:

  • I’ll Be There for You (Friends)
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers)
  • Rock Around the Clock ( Happy Days)
  • A Little Help from My Friends (The Wonder Years)

Then the play list will be up all week. So send your song requests to @roundpegradio.

NOTE: The widget takes a minute to load, and you’ll have to refresh to see the new songs. Make sure your speakers are on!