As a business owner,you are presented with all sorts of opportunities. Looking for ways to grow your business you have four choices:

  • Sell more of the same stuff to your existing clients
  • Sell new stuff to existing clients
  • Sell the same stuff to new clients
  • Sell new stuff to new clients

The easiest sales, and often the most profitable are the ones where you sell the same products over and over again to your existing clients.  Adding new products to you mix offers additional sales opportunities and limited additional sales activity.

In a post entitled Repeat Business – There is More of You to Love Michael Gray shares strategies to get customers coming back.  While these are specifically for your website, they work equally well off line.

  • Special Discount Offers for Frequent Buyers
  • Make them Feel Good by Giving Back
  • Email Clubs
  • VIP Programs
  • Reward Programs

Whether you choose one of several of these ideas, add a few to your marketing mix to keep your customers coming back!