What is it about lists? Why do bloggers love them?  Write a blog post entitled Five Ways to Do This or Six Steps to More of That and your post is bound to be read, tweeted and retweeted.

  1. Is it because we hope the answers are really that simple?  Deep down, do we believe we can find the answer to any problem in five easy steps.?
  2. Is it because we like the order or process of a list
  3. Or is it because we can only wrap our heads around so many items at once?

While I don’t know why, I do know that lists in your title add traffic to your post.

Bloggers also love another kind of list. The “Top” something list.   From the Ad Age Power 150, to Liz Strauss weekly SOB’s we love to be included on lists.   This fascination with being ranked and ordered is not limited to on line lists, as we also love the  annual Best and Worst Dressed list and here in Indy the IBJ’s 40 under 40.

And now, there is one more list to be included in: The Pro Blogger Social Media 40 over 40.  Compiled by Erik Deckers and Paul Lorinczi the list is an interesting mix of national social media celebrities and local Indy area bloggers.  And one delightful surprise –Laverne Bentle Blasdel of Lawrenceburg, IN -About whom, Erik writes:

Not everyone who makes this list has to be a social media powerhouse. They just have to do something notable. So when Laverne was nominated by Carey Driscoll, I thought she deserved to make it. Laverne is 88 years old, lives with her sister in a retirement home, and apparently totally rocks Facebook keeping up with her friends and family.

Filled with people I know and people I don’t, their twitter handles have been included, so it is easy to pick up some very interesting people to add to my follow list. And, let’s be honest, one of the other reasons I like the list … I am on it!