Most of the time I write about marketing, social media, web design and pr for small business.  But sometimes I go off topic a bit and talk about things which interest, inspire or annoy me.  These posts are usually classified as Ramblings.

In today’s edition of my  Seven Link Challenge (inspired by a post by Darren Rowse) I am sharing links to some of my favorite Rambling posts

  1. What I Learned in 13 Miles
  2. Not Strictly Business – Seven Facts About Me ( How could I skip a post with seven in the title? )
  3. What Small Business Owners Can Learn From My Father-in-Law
  4. Create Your Day
  5. Last Days of the Presidency ( Hint I am not talking about Clinton, Bush or Obama)
  6. It Is All About the Crazy
  7. Sometimes It Is Brawn Over Brains

As I was looking at my recent posts, I realized I haven’t  written as many of these as I once did. Reading them, I realize I like the posts, so maybe I should take a break from strictly business.  Check back and you may find a few more rambling posts in the near future.

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