I have been a student of Matt Nettleton’s at TrustPointe for almost a year now. Almost every week he mentions, suggests, or commands that we make phone calls.  While I have never learned to love them, I have learned to make to them.

But whenever possible, I try to make warm calls instead.  I try to rely on my referral network, and power team to make connections to the people I need to meet.

Who are my Power Team?  This is a loose group of  business professionals who offer complementary services to my target customers. I schedule one-on-one conversations over coffee and lunch.  As we talk about projects and customers, opportunities arise: without directly soliciting a referral directly, things happen!

Do you have a your own Power Team?  Here are a few tips on how to build one.

Start with your customer.

Regardless of whether your product or service is for an individual or a business, your target customer has needs beyond what you can provide. Think about other products and services your customers could or would purchase on a regular basis. For example if you are an electrician, then a plumber, roofer, or landscape company would be a  potential Power Team members.

As you attend networking events, be on the look out for great Power Team members. While customers are always nice, a great Power Team member will create more opportunities for you in the long run!

Be Selective

It takes time to build an effective partnership, one which brings value to both companies. Don’t rush the process. The closer you work with this strategic partner, the more your image and theirs become entwined together in the mind of potential clients.   Carefully evaluate potential partners; selecting companies which will they treat your clients the way you do. Build relationships with companies you will be proud to send your best customer to.