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Earlier this year, I got some help from our readers as I worked on a logo design for My Doorstep Deliveries.

With your input we narrowed down the choices and came up with a logo our client truly loved.

Next we were asked to develop a brochure, owner Danielle could drop off with prospective clients which would give them a feel for the services she offered.  The challenge was to develop a piece which would be appealing to her clients ( primarily seniors) and yet still convey the essence of her bubbly personality.

For some reason, I couldn’t find the right balance, and relied once again on creative input and collaboration, this time from Heather our graphic design intern.  Working together, building off each other’s ideas, we have developed something our client loves.

I have really enjoyed having other designers on the team this summer, and I am glad Heather will be hanging around through the fall!