As I get ready to head out to BlogIndiana, where I will get to hang out with some of Indy’s top bloggers, (and some of my favorite people)  I can’t help but think about why I like these folks on and off line.

When it comes to attraction on or off-line, what makes someone attractive? The next time you go to a party look around the room.  Interesting, confident people are usually the center of attention.

How does this translate to your on-line presence? Write interesting content and share it with confidence. Get the conversation started with a simple post on Twitter, Facebook or Linked in to let your followers know you have something new to share.  Then let your readers find you.

It is frustrating when you write a good post and no one comes to read it.  (I have written hundreds of unread posts.)  How do you deal with the lack of response?  Hint: Don’t email a link to everyone you know.  Simply write another good post.  With enough good content on your website, the readers will come.

And one final thought, in addition to interesting people, the other very popular folks at any party are the good listeners.  So spend some time listening as well by asking good questions. Share content created by others, comment and link.  Sometimes cite their information in a blog post of  your own. Join the community, don’t just wait for them to come to you.

Who are the most attractive people you know?

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