A few days ago we  set a goal at Roundpeg. We want to attrack 1,000 fans to our Fan page by August 1. To acheive our goal, we are testing a variety of techniques, including creating a custom welcome page, sending invitations to friends and family and posting updates on twitter.

Like any marketing campaign, it would be crazy to wait till it was over to see if it was working, so every day, we  check our stats to see if what we are doing is working.   Then we can adjust the strategy if we need to.

So how are we doing?  See for yourself:

FAcebook results3

We had a nice spike when we kicked off the contest but our traffic has leveled off since then.  Now we need to look at some alternatives but with three weeks to go to the deadline, there is still time to make effective corrective action.

The same approach will work with your marketing campaigns:

  1. Set a Goal61514400090.4214.452315183
  2. Develop a Strategy
  3. Execute the Strategy
  4. Measure the Results
  5. Adjusts and Start Over!

Want to see how this turns out?  Be sure to become a fan, and watch our page for updates!