This has been a crazy week at Roundpeg.  We have had to deal with trying to wrap up lots of projects before the end of the month, technical glitches which slowed us down, changes in equipment to run the office, and lots of interesting new assignments.  After a long week, we all need a rest coming in to the weekend

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So this week we thought we would look for songs about rest, vacations and dreams.   Ok so some of us also saw Inception, so weird dreams are  in the back of our minds .

We are going to kick off with Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics to get us in the mood.  Then we will be live until 3 PM today , and the play list will be up all week.  Send send your song requests to @roundpegradio.

NOTE: The widget takes a minute to load, and you’ll have to refresh to see the new songs. Make sure your speakers are on!