One of the blogs I read regularly is ProBlogger. Author Darren Rowse  always has such great tips on how to make your blog more interesting, engage your readers and improve search performance. In a recent post he presented the  idea of incorporating seven links into your post. He suggested a series of topics, and I thought it was such a good idea, I am actually going to write seven posts, each containing seven links.

I hate routine, so I don’t want to publish these posts seven days in a row.  Instead, I am going to scatter them  over the next  few weeks. Today’s Links:  Blogs I read on a regular basis.

  1. ProBlogger – But you already knew that! Author Darren Rowse makes a living as a professional blogger and is a great resource when I have writers block
  2. Laughing Stalk Blog – Erick Deckers has a sharp tongue, quirky sense of humor and wide range of interests
  3. Successful-Blog – Liz Strauss an  influential non-celebrity blogger.  People visit her blog to learn, swap strategies, and meet each other.
  4. Ted.Com TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.  The content will range from music and art, to science and politics.  There is always something interesting on Ted
  5. CopyBlogger – This is extremely well written ( would you expect anything less?) Author Brian Clark is a writer/producer, entrepreneur, and recovering attorney.
  6. Marketing Technology Blog – While Doug Karr is the primary author, he invites many other marketing and technology experts (including me)  to share their content, making this an varied experience every time I check it out.
  7. Social Media Explorer – Jason Falls ( who will be here in Indy for Blog Indiana) defines himself as a  social media educator, a social media strategist and a public relations professional.

So these are my seven.. what would you add to the list.