The summer concert series is in full swing here in Indy.  From Santana, to Dave Mathews,  Eric Clapton,  Brooks and Dunn, Jimmy Buffet, Pearl Jam or Moody Blues, we have  a summer of music.  This week @RoundpegRadio is sharing the best of these bands.

So who is your favorite? Relive your concert experience when you send us a request of  a song by the artist you would most like to hear in concert.

I am guessing DJ TBreezy will be putting a few songs by Dave Matthews on today’s play list, but I am going to ask him to start out with Brown Eyed Girl by Jimmy Buffett since I missed the show this year.

Just tweet your request to @RoundpegRadio or any of the Roundpeg crew, or post it here.  Then come back to this page to hear your song, plus some Roundpeg favorites.

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