Does your small business need a crash course in marketing?

Any good marketer knows that the best programs, plans, and decisions are based on the numbers. In this interactive, energy-charged workshop, we will help you understand the numbers which connect your marketing investments to your bottom line. You’ll learn to develop and implement affordable marketing plans based on your business objectives.

By the end of the session, you’ll know how to:

  • Determine the lifetime value of a customer
  • Use the lifetime value of a customer as the foundation of your marketing budget
  • Allocate your marketing budget between retention and lead generation activities
  • Transform your budget into an action-oriented calendar
Want to join us? The next session is Wednesday, December 7th from 8am to 9 am at our office.  Seating is limited so please click here to register.
This session is offered at no charge by Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing strategy firm.