CamelSomeone once told me a camel was simply a horse designed by a committee.

Everyone had input into the process and the result  was an unattractive,  surly creature that spits and bites.  Built to meet specifications, the flat feet work well on the sand.  Fuel efficient, it is able to store large amounts of food and water as it traverses the desert, but lets face it, a camel is not very comfortable to ride.

So what does this have to do with small business?   The lesson is simple, when you try to please everyone, you water down the offering so everyone is satisfied, and but no one is delighted.

It is impossible to please everyone, so my recommendation to small business owners is to  look for the long tail;  the group of customers with a specific need who you can delight on a regular basis.  Exceed their expectations, and and they will bring their friends.

Build a racehorse not a camel.