A few days ago, I shared some of the results from our social media survey. This particular post focused on the question as to whether a small business had a social media policy.

Reviewing the data, and checking out other companies policies got me thinking about the Roundpeg policy.  As every new employee, interns included, join the Roundpeg team, they are asked to set up a twitter and LinkedIn accounts.  Most of them already have Facebook pages.  And I really think Facebook is still personal, but as a B2B marketing firm, twitter and Linkedin are seriously business applications.

My primary guidance is to behave on line exactly the way you would at a networking event.  Be polite, friendly,helpful, informative, personable, and interesting.  Occasionally it is ok to try to sell something, but only after you have done all the other things listed above.

I found a wonderful example of a social media policy,  In this example example,the policy focuses less on what to say, and more on but what to do. I love the fact that customer satisfation strategies are included in the policy. This is a great example of how social media should shape business.


What about your firm?  Do you have a social media policy?