I like to think I am on the leading edge of tech trends. I have been on Twitter for almost 3 years, came and went on Friendfeed, I use tweetdeck and foursquare and I prefer tinyurl to Bit.ly (mostly because I can remember how to spell it). Then I read Louis Grey’s post on 50 tech companies to watch and I felt like a cavman ( or woman)

Fifty Companies – Wow! It is even more amazing when you realize for every one of these successful, intersting firms there are hundreds of others waiting in the wings, under development, and looking for funding.  And who knows the next interesting firm might come from  from right here in Indiana as part of the recent Startup weekend or a future event.

It is facinating to watch these companies as they emege.  I can’t predictc which will change the way we live and which will simply vanish, but on this list of 50 there are several that are already an integral part of how I live my life and run my business.  – What about you?  Do you have a few favorites of your own?