I spent an amazing few days with an extraordinarily talented group of individuals.  This was my third StartUp Weekend, and just like previous events I learned so much.  We were really lucky to have both Kristian Andersen and Brad Wisler of Sprout Box share their perspective on emerging businesses.  Just a few of the thoughts they shared:


  • Forget what makes you happy! Find what causes others pain!
  • Go looking for trouble, because people will pay to get rid of trouble
  • Your solution is worthless if there is no problem
  • There is nothing worse then a solution in search of a problem


  • Do what you want to be famous for, because you are famous for what you do
  • When it comes to your co-founders – Be Picky, Don’t Settle
  • When it comes to the product: Speed Kills … the competition
  • A prototype is worth 1,000 business plans ( I am not sure I agree with this one, I would like to see a plan with the concept)
  • Products with no customers is a hobby

In addition to all I learned, this time, I may even be a part owner of a business in the not to distant future. Check out GoBizSpeak for more information about what we are planning