I suffer from writers block on a regular basis.  While I have a gift for talking, (anyone who has spent time around me can attest to that)  organizing my ideas on paper (or a computer screen) can often be challenging. As a result,  I have developed a number of coping techniques, designed to jump start my creative process.  I have tried everything from flipping through magazines to going for walks away from my desk carrying a audio recording device. Even with all the techniques in my tool kit, I am always looking for more.

I found some terrific suggestions in a post entitled Avoid Perfect Photo Syndrome. While the article is about selecting images for a website,  many of the techniques can help unlock your creative process for writing or drawing!

My favorite tip:

Take advantage of bad ideas.
If you’re stuck for good ideas, then use a bad one as a stepping stone to something better. Keep thinking. Even an inappropriate idea could lead you in the right direction. And sometimes an imperfect match is better than nothing at all.

I have used this technique in brainstorming, but I never thought about is part of a writing or web design process. It is often much easier to edit then to create, so the process of putting anything in front of you, is better then a blank screen. Select an idea, walk away and then come back.  The new ideas it generates may surprise you.

Of course, you have to be careful not to show the “bad idea” to a client.  They might think you are an idiot, or worse yet, they might like it!

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