By: Mallory King

Hello, Roundpeg readers!

My name is Mallory King and I’ll be working with Taylor Brough this summer as a graphic design intern  at Roundpeg. When I’m not at Roundpeg this summer, you can find me at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, where my part-time job as a gallery facilitator is never dull.

I know what you’re thinking: “Designers make pretty pictures, not poetic blog posts, so she’d better make it snappy!” Let me assure you: when Lorraine asked me if I preferred words, numbers or pictures during my interview, my response was, “Words!” The response was an obvious one given my B.A. in journalism from Butler University (Go Dawgs!). That’s right– I’m a writer! And a classically trained ballet dancer. I’ve even been known to bake a pretty mean cupcake or two. All of this on top of design skills honed during my time in J-school at Butler. Thank heavens my over-priced education seems, if nothing else, to have paid a few dividends in the jack-of-all-trades department!

This summer, Taylor will be putting my knack for arranging clean lines, sharp graphics and interesting fonts to some practical use. I’ll be helping him maintain Roundpeg’s fresh approach to design while developing my own skill set. With Taylor as my fearless (fearful?) leader, I know my design prowess will increase… or at least the collection of design books on my bookshelf will be slightly more justified. In all seriousness, though, I’m looking forward to digging in as a part of this well-oiled Roundpeg team. From what I’ve seen so far, these folks have got the right idea and they’ve got the seamless, design-conscious package to prove it.

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