Imagine being able to target an ad with pinpoint accuracy. Facebook ads are a great way to achieve focused advertising on a tiny budget.

One of the most beautiful things about Facebook ads, according to Inc. Magazine’s article, is just how specifically you can target your desired demographics. Only want to advertise to women in college? No problem. But you can get even deeply, and advertise only to women in college who rock climb and like Lady Gaga. In this way, you don’t waste your marketing dollars on people who are clearly outside your target demographic.

Another great feature is the option to either pay by the impression or by the number of times viewers actually click on the link. You can make very small ad buys–say, $20–to test how well your ad and your demographic targeting are working. You can change ads as frequently as you like–often edgy, hip ads work better on Facebook than stodgy, traditional ad copy.

So get in there, spend a few dollars, and see if Facebook ads are right for your business.