Yesterday,  I had the opportunity to attend a really cool, unique Rainmaker event focused on social media marketing. The name of the event is Socially Awkward, and it’s chaired by Will Hardison. Will is heavily involved in social media and wanted to create an event that celebrated the medium.

It was fun discussing Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook with other professionals and learning how they use it to grow their business. In addition, we had a group activity designed to demonstrate how powerful  “ReTweets” can be as part of a business development strategy.

One really neat aspect of the event was a live streaming Twitter feed  set up on stage, showing what attendants were saying about the event. Here are some examples:

This provided a  running commentary for the event and was fun to follow.  Even people who weren’t in the room could participate in the conversation.

  • @AllisonLCarter Help him out? RT @roundpeg Rt festival #rmsociallyawkward Davd. Strickland looking for bast due accounts

I had a great time at this morning’s Rainmaker event. It gave me some terrific insight into how powerful social media can be and how I can use it to help Roundpeg grow. For once, I didn’t mind being a little “Awkward.”