I had an interesting experience recently.  I looked at the list of blog posts published and scheduled over the next few weeks, and noticed very few of them are mine.  I wondered, when did that happen?  When did I stop being the primary voice for Roundpeg?   And, how did I feel about the transition?

As I thought about the questions,  I realized the blog was actually a reflection of the very positive shift occurring at Roundpeg. I have an extremely talented team and each of them is maturing into their roles.  As I spend more time out of the office, they have to do their jobs with limited direction, and they are stepping up to the challenges.

I am comfortable sending them to networking events to represent us, and Jay, Taylor, and soon Allison are becoming part of the well-recognized face of Roundpeg.

It is only natural for the transition to be reflected here.  Just as with their assignments, we brainstorm ideas for blog posts, and I may edit or provide input on what they do, but the work is theirs.

How do I feel about that?  After getting over the feeling of not being needed, I love it.  I am free to sell more and take on more challenging projects, because we can handle it.   Roundpeg is positioned for amazing growth this year and I am going to enjoy the ride, even if I am not always driving!