I love great logos.  I admire the work of creative designers from around the world as they create strong visuals which speak for a brand.  Great design, when supported over time by strong campaigns builds a brand which is instantly recognizable.

One of my favorite examples is Coca Cola.  As they move around the world, they adjust their logo, but always remain recognizable.


While most of the small business clients we work with will probably never become international companies,as a marketing professional I find it interesting to look at how companies handle the translations around the world.

Doing some research for a client I stumbled upon  a cool site: Brand New, where students showcase some of their branding work.  The designs are amazing, and a great source of inspiration.   A recent project challenged students to create Hebrew transliterations for   a number of very recognizable logos.  These were some of my favorites.

hebrew logos

Take a look at your logo. Would it stand up across boarders?

Another important consideration as you evaluate your logo is how it will look on promotional items?  Will it resize well, and look good on everything from a pen to billboard?